Project Experience


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Feasibility Study for Creating a Platform for Very Small Enterprise (VSE) Finance

For SANAD Fund for MSME (SANAD) the LFS conducted a market analysis, assessing both the demand and supply side of Very Small Enterprise (VSE) financing in Morocco. This included institutional assessments of the three partner microfinance institutions: Al Amana, FBPMC, and FONDEP. Furthermore LFS designed a survey (including questionnaire design and sampling of ca. 400 VSEs) and prepared a local survey institute for survey implementation and monitored it. Based on the findings LFS designed a proposal for a structured cooperation between the three participating MFIs (VSE platform) including the prerequisite measures to be taken to make the entry of the MFIs into the new market segment work.

Strategic Review & Transformation Assessment and Strategic Business Planning for: FONDEP (Morocco)

The aim of this Project overall is to prepare FONDEP for its eventual transformation into a regulated, for-profit institution. Specifically, the Project will help the MFI to assess its operations, market and the context for transformation with an aim to develop a new strategy and business plan, as well as to conduct a diagnostic covering the key areas for capacity building necessary to both implement the new strategic plan and prepare the MFI for its eventual transformation.